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New Single Wide Homes

A wide variety of singlewides ranging from 533 square feet to 1,153 square feet.

All prices include set up and delivery anywhere in Wisconsin. Prices are subject to change without notice by factory.

Standard features are listed below.

Here-in prices include: Delivery, leveling, and new skirting. Homes that are sold and brought into a park, we also include the connection of the water, sewer, gas, electric, heat tape, and a 1 year warranty.

Outside of the parks, there are differerent circumstances involved with the connections of thes utilities, but still have the 1 year warranty.

The center 4 numbers under each floor plan are the actual size of the new Manufactured Home. Example: RM XT 1444 o1 is a 14' wide by 40 feet long, without the hitch. The hitch is removable and goes under the house after it is delivered and set-up, as well as the tires and axles.

Standard Features

Recessed Frames
Detachable Hitches
2" x 6" or 2" x 8" Floor Joists
R-11 Floor Insultation
16 oz. Carpet
Tack Strip Carpet Installation
6# Rebond Pad
Linoleum in Bathrooms

Walls - Sliding - Windows
2" x 6" Wall Studs
8' Sidewalls
R-19 Sidewall Insulation
White Gridded Mulled Vinyl Windows
Residential Double 4 Siding
Raised Shutters - Front Door Side & Hitch End

Roof and Ceiling
8' Flat Ceiling Throughout
30 lb. Roof Load
Textured Stippled Ceiling
R-30 Roof Insulation
25-year Warranty Fiberglass Shingles
Mortised Interior Hinges
36" x 80" 6-panel Steel Front Door
Cottage Rear Door

60" Tubs with Surround
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Main Water Shut Off

100 Amp Service
Exterior Receptacle

18.2 cu. ft. Double Door Frost-Free Refrigerator
40-Gallon Electric Water Heater
Gas Range with 30" Range Hood

30" Overhead Kitchen Cabinets
Finished Interior Overhead Kitchen Cabinets with Adjustable Center Shelf
Utility Shelf


RM XT 1444 01 14x40$36,205.00
RM XT 1452 03 14x48$37,555.00
RM XT 1456 01 14x52$42,280.00
RM XT 1770 01 14x66$42,965.00
RM XT 1470 03 14x66$42,965.00
RM XT 1472 01 14x68$42,965.00
RM XT 1652 01 16x48$39,900.00
RM XT 1660 01 16x56$43,655.00
RM XT 1670 01 16x66$45,645.00
RM XT 1672 03 16x68$45,735.00
RM XT 1672 05 16x68$45,910.00
RM XT 1680 03 16x76$48,185.00
RM XT 1680 05 16x76$47,655.00
RM XT 1680 07 16x76$47,655.00
RM XT 1680 09 16x76$47,965.00
RM XT 1680 11 16x76$47,965.00
RM XT 1680 15 16x76$47,445.00
RM XT 1680 19 16x76$47,450.00
RM XT 1680 21 16x76$48,550.00
RM XT 1680 23 16x76$52,140.00

                     RM  XT     1680 25 (retreat)                            16X76                                            $50,560.00

                     RM XT      1680 27                                           16X76                                            $49,320.00



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